Since January 2015 NAVIRE have been engaged by Alcoa Australia to advise on the integrated decommissioning, remediation and development disposal strategy for Alcoa’s 575ha Point Henry site – located approximately 6km to the east of the Geelong CBD and referred to as the Point Henry 575 Project.

The task

The key objective of NAVIRE’s engagement was to ensure that Alcoa’s decommissioning and remediation plans for the Point Henry site were informed by an integrated strategy with respect to future land use planning and the eventual redevelopment of the Point Henry site.

The responsibilities

Key NAVIRE responsibilities have included:

  • Undertaking background demographic and land use market data and research to inform Alcoa’s thinking about the Point Henry 575 Project;
  • Preparing a detailed remediation volume and cost model;
  • Identifying the potential development disposal options based on land condition, disposal methodologies and a remediation strategy;
  • Participation in the Point Henry 575 Project visioning process;
  • Preparing a multi-year corporate and project financial model (profit & loss, cash flow and balance sheet reporting) to accompany the concept master plan and remediation strategy options;
  • Assisting Alcoa to engage the design team to prepare the concept master plan for the site including preliminary schematics;
  • Assisting Alcoa with managing the master plan preparation;
  • Participating in community consultation regarding the concept master plan; and
  • Responding to stakeholder feedback by reviewing and refining the draft master plan.

Where it’s at

The draft concept master plan was released in October 2016. Following consultation with the community and other stakeholders the updated Point Henry 575 Concept Master Plan was released in September 2017.

As at January 2019, Alcoa is still waiting for the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan to be released as the critical overarching planning framework for the redevelopment of the Point Henry site.