What We Do

We provide expert urban renewal advice, helping the public and private sectors work together to create value and deliver vibrant places.

We love what we do and thrive when working with like-minded clients and partners to deliver great outcomes.

At NAVIRE we help navigate the path from strategy to delivery for clients who aspire to property development outcomes that deliver on multiple fronts

Precinct Urban Renewal Strategy and Implementation Plans

NAVIRE has first-hand experience in the visioning, planning, business-case production, stakeholder engagement and delivery of precinctual urban renewal projects. Our particular expertise is in public-private partnerships and the delivery of innovative outcomes in complex government-private sector dealings.

This unique experience gives us the ability to advise clients on the most appropriate planning, infrastructure, catalyst project and divestment strategies that unlock value while creating certainty and positive outcomes for stakeholders.

Masterplan Development Advice

Our broad-based experience in the planning and delivery of mixed-use developments together with our financial-modelling skills ensure that masterplan options are market-informed and financially sustainable for landowners, potential developers and municipal authorities.

Grounded in objective market and financial analysis, NAVIRE’s creative approach ensures that masterplans are deliverable and provide a credible narrative to attract private and public sector investment.

Property Portfolio, Development and Disposal Advice

NAVIRE helps clients work through the property issues relating to their business, the services they provide or the communities they support.

Our rigorous financial analysis, market knowledge, development experience and decision-making frameworks assist clients in making the necessary decisions to get the most out of their property assets.

Integrated Site Remediation and Development Strategy

We have specialist skills and experience in creating integrated land-remediation and development strategies for highly contaminated and heritage-complex sites.

NAVIRE creates market-specific solutions for sites that balance remediation costs with divestment revenues and ongoing contingent liabilities while also navigating the labyrinth of regulatory approvals and stakeholder interests.

With or for clients, we manage the multidisciplinary teams that are needed to transform derelict sites into productive places.

Property Disposal, Development Process and Bid Management

NAVIRE has an enviable track record in formulating and managing good governance, probity and compliance processes in the public-private property bid context that deliver successful and innovative outcomes. This is often the final stage following earlier strategic and planning work undertaken for clients.

In addition, we have a track record of successfully working with the owners of land that has challenging development issues. We navigate challenges such as contamination, heritage, planning and locational factors to create and manage processes that realise the best possible value for the land.

Urban Development Policy

Our knowledge of property markets and first-hand delivery experience enables us to assist clients with the creation of urban development policy that is demand-informed, cognisant of implementation realities, and ultimately deliverable.

In doing so, NAVIRE can inform clients of the factors needed for success and value-capture opportunities that may exist to help with the delivery of urban development policy objectives.