What We Do

We provide expert Urban Renewal Advice.

We are urban renewal experts helping the public and private sectors work together to create value and deliver vibrant places. At NAVIRE we help navigate the path from strategy to delivery for clients who aspire to property development outcomes that deliver on multiple fronts.

Precinct Urban Renewal Strategy and Implementation Plans

Masterplan Development Advice

Property Portfolio, Development and Disposal Advice

Integrated Site Remediation and Development Strategy

Property Disposal, Development Process and Bid Management

Urban Development Policy


How We Help

Strategy born from first-hand delivery experience

We think it’s simple: the best strategy on how to deliver outcomes in complex environments will come from those who have delivered outcomes in complex environments.

Advice grounded in economic and commercial reality

NAVIRE takes a rigorous objective approach to understanding markets and development feasibilities. We believe it is the only way to turn potential and aspiration into delivered reality.

Understanding the value you have and how to deliver the outcomes you want

At NAVIRE our experience, knowledge and methods help clients transparently understand the value potential of their property assets and how that value can be captured and/or applied to achieve their desired outcomes.

Creating the governance and frameworks to deliver desired outcomes

It can be difficult to realise value, or even assess value, in complex regulatory, market and stakeholder environments.

Orchestrating the pieces needed for successful outcomes

At NAVIRE we see ourselves as part of our client’s team – combining our property know-how and experience with the client’s particular local stakeholder knowledge and needs.

What We've Done


Who We Are

We are people driven by the need to deliver valuable outcomes for our clients. We believe in finding better solutions and being accountable for the solutions we provide.

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