The Bendigo Kangan Institute’s Bendigo City Campus is spread out over a 2-hectare city block, and occupies a number of deteriorating heritage buildings and outdated facilities which have become unfit for education purposes.  As a result, the campus has suffered a lack of activity and vibrancy over recent years.

The task

NAVIRE was engaged by BKI to prepare a masterplan and business case to articulate and test the redevelopment options for revitalising the Bendigo City Campus.  The objectives for the project included:

  • the delivery of new modern education facilities;
  • increase student enrolments;
  • consolidate BKI’s teaching operations in a reduced footprint;
  • the delivery of complimentary commercial and community focused precincts; and
  • ensure the fit-for-purpose use of highly valued heritage buildings on campus.

The responsibilities

NAVIRE’s key responsibilities for the engagement included:

  • procuring and managing the range of consultants required to input into the masterplan and business case processes;
  • participating in and steering the investment logic mapping;
  • preparing a full business case to DTF requirements;
  • financial modelling and analysis of the NPV and cashflow for the range of project options;
  • economic multiplier benefit modelling of the project options;
  • spatial planning modelling to identify BKI’s spatial needs to accommodate the projected future student enrolment growth on campus;
  • advising on suitable procurement strategies to deliver different elements of the project; and
  • advising on suitable land divestment and tenure arrangements.

Where it’s at

The business case was supported by Government and received the full $59.9m funding request in the 2018-19 State Budget.  Following this, the project has entered the design development phase and is anticipated to commence construction mid-2019.