As a part of the broader vision for a ‘University City of the Future’ at its Bundoora Campus in north-east Melbourne, La Trobe University is seeking to deliver a healthcare-oriented precinct on a 3.55ha parcel, known as the Health & Wellbeing Hub. The hub will comprise a private hospital and other ancillary healthcare uses, notionally earmarked as aged care, independent living units, child care and a GP super clinic.
In July 2018, La Trobe University commenced a public campaign to procure a development partner(s) to deliver the Initiative.

The task

NAVIRE has been engaged by La Trobe University to perform an advisory and project management role to assist with the request for expression of interest and request for proposal process to procure the desired development outcomes on the site.

The responsibilities

  • Reviewing and advising on the preparation of the EOI documentation, draft terms sheet and process plan.
  • Assisting La Trobe University in managing the agent in charge of running the EOI process.
  • Providing project governance and stakeholder management at the Project Steering Group and Infrastructure & Estates Planning Committee levels of the University.
  • Preparing and managing the project gantt chart and risk register.
  • Providing input into the preparation of the media and stakeholder communications plan.
  • Supporting La Trobe University’s property team in its negotiations with the preferred private hospital bidder.

Where it’s at

  • La Trobe University and NAVIRE are currently in negotiations with Healthscope with respect to developing a private hospital at the hub.
  • Following the completion of an agreement with the Healthscope, NAVIRE will assist La Trobe University with commencing the request for proposal stage and discussions with other healthcare operators to develop the remaining parcels of the hub.